Regualtion Of Library

Classes begin everyday at 9.40 am. Immediately after the first bell students shall assemble in the college auditorium for prayer. The prayer is followed by pledge and thought for the day. Immediately after the morning assembly students shall move to their respective class rooms. Morning session will be over at 12.30 pm Afternoon session begins at 1.15 pm. S students must be in their class rooms at the first bell. Classes begin at the second bell.

Teachers shall take attendance at the beginning of each period. A student who is not in the class when attendance is taken shall be marked absent. It will, however, be permissible for the teachers to mark present a student coming late after dealing with him as he/she thinks fit. At the end of each term or beginning of the following term, a list will be put up on the general notice board showing the number of days of attendance lost so far by each student.

Every student shall possess an identity card issued by the college with the signature and seal of the principal. Students should always carry the identity card with them. The principal shall have the right to send back home any student if he/she doesn’t possess the identity card

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